The undercarriage parts can be different depending on the type. You may come across words that you do not recognise on the website. RTD Mining therefore also has a dictionary where all terms are described. Click the term and the explanation will be displayed.

  • Berco is one of the brands sold via RTD Mining. Berco products are produced in Italy. With around 100 years of experience, they are known as the number one in relation to undercarriage parts. Berco products are of an excellent quality.

    Berco produces undercarriage parts for earth-moving machines such as bulldozers and excavators. Berco’s products are made of the strongest steel to ensure they can tackle the heaviest of jobs. Berco’s products are made of especially selected steel that can be best tempered without having to make concessions on strength.

  • The bottom rollers carry the machine weight. There are different types of bottom rollers for various machines such as bottom rollers for excavators, bulldozers and mini diggers. The bottom rollers have different properties depending on the machine.

  • Bucket teeth are wear parts that also ensure that you work more efficiently. You can use them when you are working in a rocky area. The correct bucket teeth ensure a better penetration and lower fuel consumption.

    Products give the best performance and have a long lifespan. This is the result of a combination of the steel selection and the design, which is based on practical research.

  • Front wheels are also referred to as idlers. The front wheel is a large metal wheel. It can be found at the front side of the track frame and guides the rubber track or chain of the undercarriage. Excavators and bulldozers perform much driven work and there is therefore much contact between the front wheel and the track. It is therefore essential that the tread of the wheel is subjected to a specific process. A special heat treatment is performed at VemaTrack that ensures that there is better depth tempering. This, in turn, ensures a longer lifespan for the front wheel.

  • GET parts are parts that can be installed on a bucket. At RTD Mining, you will find a complete range of GET parts. Examples of GET parts are pins, bucket teeth and adapters suitable for loaders and excavators. This range is suitable for all machine models.

    GET parts give the best performance and have a long lifespan. This is because all parts have undergone a heavy-duty quality test.

  • A link is a part of the undercarriage track. Various links that are secured to each other together form the track. In a bulldozer, the track consists of standard links and a split master. These individual parts fit into each other and together form the track.

  • Every undercarriage part has an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) number. This is the part number of the machine manufacturer. You can find the OEM number in the parts manual of your machine.

  • A segment group, which is also called a gear, runs in-between the links of the undercarriage track. It consists of a metal internal ring with bolt holes and a gear ring. The difference with a sprocket is that a segment group consists of different segments. These segments together form a sprocket. This means that you can change the segments without having to disassemble the track.

  • A sprocket, which is also called a gear, runs in-between the links of the undercarriage track. A sprocket consists of a metal internal ring with bolt holes and a gear ring. The difference with a segment group is that a sprocket is one element. They can be easily screwed on or are pushed onto the boss of the machine’s drive. They are mainly used on excavator undercarriages.

  • A top roller is an undercarriage part that carries the undercarriage track shoes and track.

  • A track on a bulldozer or excavator ensures that the undercarriage can be driven. There are a few differences in relation to tracks for bulldozers and for excavators.

    Tracks for bulldozers are nearly always oil lubricated. In addition, these tracks have a split master link. A split master is a link that consists of two separate parts that fit into each other. An oil lubricated track has a hollow pin-track to which oil can be added so that the space between the pins and the bushings is full of oil to prevent friction.

    Tracks for excavators are sealed or unsealed and possibly grease lubricated. If you want a long lifespan for your track, it is wise to select a sealed and grease-lubricated track. These tracks will ensure that the grease is retained in the track and that the seals will stop dirt infiltration. The grease in the track ensures that the pins of the track can deal better with weather conditions and corrosion. This is also a reason why the play between the pin and the bushing is the smallest possible, which ensures that wear is prevented as much as possible.

  • A track guard is an undercarriage part that ensures that the tracks are guided in-between the bottom roller flanges. Track guards ensure that the track of an undercarriage remain within the correct parts of the machine and therefore damage to the track and the rollers is prevented. There is a risk that the track slips from the roller when driving over or working on an uneven terrain.

  • A track press is a hydraulic press to press the pins in or out of the tracks easily and safely. Using a track press is a lot safety and easier than when you close a track using a hammer.

  • A track set is a track on which the track shoes have been mounted.

  • The machine moves on track shoes. This part of an undercarriage is wrapped around the machine. Track shoes are secured to the track of the undercarriage using bolts. This means that the machine truly runs over the shoes. There are various types and sizes of track shoes depending on your undercarriage and machine. If you want to know more about the track shoe types that VemaTrack sells, check out the page on track shoes.

  • Tensioning units ensure that the undercarriage track retains the correct tension and absorbs shocks. For the undercarriage to have a long lifespan, it is essential that the track has the right tension. The tension spring is tensioned up to no less than 60/70% of the machine weight.

  • VemaTrack delivers fantastic quality in relation to undercarriage parts for your machine. VemaTrack is characterised by a full range of top quality products and excellent value for money. VemaTrack products are therefore delivered all over the world by means of an extensive but carefully selected network of dealers.

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